A map of Sydney

While trying to sort out all the mail art I have received in the last months, I realized that I had never scanned one envelope sent by Christiane Hurel and made from a map of my favorite city: Sydney. This envelope reminded me a lot of good memories, thank you Christiane, and sorry to have been so late to blog it.

Oh, Happy days

A late answer sent to Ursu.

Exchange with Snappy

Snappy sent me a contribution to my paper bag mail art call, in his usual style.

As an answer I created a collage on an envelope made, not from a paper bag, but from another big envelope that I received from Japan.

August PTE exchange

I already shared with you some of the envelopes I recived for the August PTE Exchange, so here are the other ones.
First a cute small envelope from Susan Ito with a very nice seal on the back. Also, the envelope contained a very cute card.

Then a very nice envelope from Shandra Smith.

Another very nice envelope from Jean Rothfusz. It is a pity that the postal clerk felt the need to cancel the stamp with his pen.

And then some surprise from Chaty O’Rear. She sent me this nice envelope but inside there was another nice envelope that she had sent me for a previous exchange and that never reached me. As you can see from the postal labels, the French post had been unable to read the address…

Also in the envelope Cathy sent me two very nice Trader Joe’s “wine” bags that I’m gonna use for sure!

Wuthering heights

To answer Martine’s contribution, I sent her a collage on an envelope made from a paper bag. The subject is “Wuthering heights”. I must admit that I never read it, and I never saw the movie… The collage is made using part of the movie poster, a scan of a page from the original edition of the book and some washi tape and tissue paper.

What happened to this envelope?

Sometimes you receive an envelope that has been partially “eaten” by a postal machine. Uwe sent me this funny envelope that was partially eaten by a cute mouse :-)

Minion from Phillip

Phillip sent me this cute Minion envelope made from a coloring page (I guess).

Inside there was a funny card and a bag of stickers that you can use to transform a banana into a minion!

Life and Pie

Some months ago, I received from Florence some pieces of paper bags that I decided to use for a collage. Here is the postcard I sent to her. The red ladder was on a tag she had also sent to me (but that I did not scan previously)

More paper bags coming

First a contribution from Piet Franzen. I love the “air mail” rubber stamp on the address side.

Then a very colorful contribution from Giovani and Renata.

Sent to Jon Foster

Here is the collage I created as part of Jon Foster’s project (see here my previous post on the subject).

And the envelope I used to mail it.

August PTE exchange: received from Rachael Thomas

A very nice black and white envelope evoking the recent eclipse received from Rachael Thomas as part of the August PTE Exchange.

September Mission Inspiration and August Mini Mission : Echo

The September Mission Inspiration appeared much more challenging than usual. Something with the prompts, the colors and even the words ;-). Here is the mission prompt.

And the page I created.

Continuing the exploration of the alphabet through the Mini Missions held by Mike Deakin, we have reached the letter E and the prompt is Echo.

Received from Philippe Charron

I received the 3334th envelope created by Phillippe. And it is beautiful!

August PTE Exchange

For August PTE exchange, organized by Jean Wilson, I used a digital kit from Jen Maddocks Design called “summer splash”. I had to send six envelopes, so here they are.

Painted paper bag

I have received a wonderful painted paper bag envelope from Susan Stewart. The envelope is much better in real life than on the scan because it has some gold highlights and also because of the wonderful texture. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one painting paper bags to create envelopes!

Squirrels !

Envelope sent to Connie for her call about squirrels.

Exchange with Phillip

Phillip sent me this very nice paper bag recently. I must confess that the scan does not pay tribute to this bag which is much better in real life. The bag has a light grey color.  All writings are in the same color (but as the name of the store “Jacob neal” is foiled, it does not come out well on the scan). The stamps are the famous stamps issued by USPS that are thermo-reactive, meaning that the moon is black but when you put your finger on it, then it reveals its design. It seems the heat of the scanner was enough to activate them. And as you can see they did not get postmarked.

On my side I sent to Phillip, from London, this paper bag that I got during a visit of the Tate Modern.

Doodled envelope sent to Iryna

I started doodling on a standard kraft paper envelope with the intention to draw something like a neuronal network… I ended up with something looking more like a lizard skin… So I added some green and yellow colors.

Some paper bags I received

I’m grouping together a set of nice contributions I received recently. First two bags from Philippe Charron. I like the way he mixed my name with the text written on the bag. Somehow he is lucky that they reached me.

Then two others from Uwe. The second one included a nice postcard.

A very colorful sending from Vesna.

A postcard bag recycled by Elena.

And a nice cow on a recycled paper also from Elena.

And last but not least, a nice paper bag from Jean as part of the August PTE exchange. Inside the envelope there was another envelope with cute frogs