Souvenir of a day at Roland Garros

Early in June I spent a full day at Roland Garros for the French tennis open. I had a wonderful day. The weather was great, even though it was raining like hell on other parts of Paris. And I could see Djokovic, Nadal and S.Williams !
At lunch the sandwich was sold in a nice paper bag that I used to make two envelopes : one for Philippe Charron and one for Uwe Klein.

Received from Elena Signori

A cute envelope made from gift wrapping paper decorated with cute sweets.

Using food packaging as mail art (cont’d)

To answer one of the recent sending from Phillip, I decided to give a try to using food packaging as mail art. I sent him the following postcard.

And to stay in the food theme, I used stamps picturing two of my favorite cheeses (well, is there a cheese that is not my favorite?). The left stamp pictures Reblochon. The right one picture the Epoisses. They are both made from cow’s milk but they are very different!

Received from DentelleBleue

A wonderful sending from DentelleBleue. It is much better in real life than on the scan, the blue part being made of fabric!

Received from Hester Wright

Two items I received recently from Hester. First an envelope made from a paper bag coming from I understand is a coffee shop (Peet’s coffee) located inside a bank (Capital One) ?

And a second item made from the wrapping of… a chocolate bar! Unfortunately, the chocolate was not anymore in it :-)

Mini missions

As a spinoff of the mission inspiration challenges, Mike Deakin has launched in April what he calls the “mini missions”. Every month, one prompt, to stimulate our creativity. The first prompt in April was Aquatic, the second one in May was Borders. As you can understand, the prompts will normally go from A to Z.
I decided to create one envelope each month, using the mini mission prompt. So here is the first one I created for Aquatic.

And here is the one I created for Borders.

Received from Jakob Wong

My first mail art from Malaysia! I’m really excited.